In between the towns of Playa del Carmen and Tulum you will find Akumal. Its name comes from Mayan and means "place of the turtles", and it could not have a more appropriate name! It truly is the habitat of turtles, specifically the endangered Green Sea Turtle.

Akumal manages to keep a relaxed ambiance and remains true to Mexican and Mayan heritage; indeed it is rich in history. As you enter the town you will find a statue of a Gonzalo Guerrero and his family, Gonzalo was a Spaniard who married a Mayan princess and thus was one of the early proponents of the mixed of the two cultures in Mexico.

The CEA (Akumal Ecological Centre) educates tourist and locals about habitat preservation. Yal Ku Lagoon is a great place to practice snorkeling; in which fresh water meets salt water creating a unique and perfect habitat for marine life.

Snorkeling in Akumal is magical, you can see coral reef, barracudas, and catch a ride on some large (really large!) turtles. You can enjoy shopping in town, stroll on the beach and try some Mexican snacks, get some authentic Mayan craftsmanship. Local people make a living with their crafts, therefore, we do not recommend bargaining on this commodity.

If exploring by car, take a look at some of the many cenotes in the area close to Akumal, drive on the main highway and look for the signs.


Just twenty minutes south of Playa del Carmen there is Xpu-Há (meaning "morning dew") It has a beautiful beach and is one of the most beautiful spots in the Riviera Maya with a nice selection of boutique hotels, cabins, restaurants and dive shops.

The ocean is shallow and calm and you can practice many sports like diving, kayaking or kite-surfing. The place is perfect for beginner and experienced divers due to the water conditions.

At the north of Xpu-Ha you will find the Cenote Manati, one of the largest in the region and if you are lucky you can see some manatees at the bay.

Xpu-Ha is ideal for weekend camping or just strolling around the small shops and restaurants or, of course, a completely relaxing day on the beach.

Soliman y Tankah

These two are beautiful bays, very laid back areas, if you want to be outside the hustle and bustle just come here for the day!

Accomodation here has deluxe boutique hotels, small cabañas and bungalows. When here do not miss the Manatee Cenote, check out our pictures!