It is Mexico's largest island and is world renowned as a divers paradise. The name of thisfamous scuba diving destination in Mayan means "Land of Swallows". Cozumel became known worldwide at the early sixties after the explorer Jacques Cousteau named it one of the most beautiful scuba diving areas of the world.

Cozumel attracts tourism as both a recreational and professional scuba diving location. The Mexican Caribbean coast is one of the safest places on earth to practice scuba diving and it is also affordable to learn.         


Carnival is a celebration held in February of every year and it is probably the most popular attraction in town.  It is a full week of festivities involving parades with floats, dancers, costumes, music and food travelling throughout the town. Stay alert for pre-carnival events as the tickets for these are also sold out in advance!


There is more to do than just diving on the island, if you want to know about the archeological past do not miss the famous site of San Gervasio, a sacred Mayan settlement. For more history, visit the island`s museum, there you will witness detailed info (in English and Spanish) of the island`s flora and fauna, geography, geology and Mayan history.

You can get to Cozumel from Playa del Carmen on the ferry and the trip takes approximately 35-45 minutes, depending on conditions. All ferries have air conditioning and comfortable seats. Be sure to check the schedules carefully to be sure you can cross when you wish.

There are two companies selling tickets to the ferry, both have the same prices and for about 12 USD you can get a one-way ticket. We recommend you to buy one-way and when you are ready to return just buy another single ticket from the company that has the most convenient time for you to return. Pets (dogs and cats) on the ferry travel for free, but a kennel is mandatory and if you don´t have one this is supplied by the ferry company.

Car ferries are also an option from Punta Venado (10 minutes drive from Playa del Carmen) but they are more expensive and you need to arrive ahead of time of your departure to get a spot. Keep in mind that renting a car once you arrive to Cozumel is also a very easy and affordable option.