Puerto Morelos

Halfway from Cancun and the fast growing Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos is a quiet hideaway and home of ecological activists, who enthusiastically protect the coral reef (enlisted as a National Maritime Park).

Puerto Morelos is a town that despite being in between Cancun and the emerging Playa del Carmen still manages to keep a laid back style. In the town there is a leaning lighthouse (leaning as a result of Hurricane Beulah in 1967), which is now the icon of this beautiful and small town.

It is like time hasn’t passed, there are no supermarkets, the small harbour is home to a few old fashioned fishing vessels which are still used daily by the local fishermen, there are no upscale restaurants or shops, and evening meals are enjoyed listening to live traditional Mexican music in timeless beach cafes whilst watching the local pelican population use the dying sunlight as it dances on the soft Carribbean surf to repeatedly dive into the ocean and catch their own dinner. There is a cashpoint close by the main square but it is advisable to keep always cash in hand as most of the establishment do not take cards!


Highlights of Puerto Morelos:

  • Snorkelling on the coral reef. Ahundred meters off shore rests the town’s portion of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System(the second largest in the world!)
  • Crococun Zoo. Wildlife lover? Fancy seeing crocodiles? You should visit this attraction; it is a local conservationist project that cares for the animals and ensures their breeding numbers are maintained despite the development occurring around their natural habitats
  • Lighthouse. The picture-postcard image of the town. For the best photograph, head out to the end of the dock late in the day, enabling you to get the lighthouse, town, and sunset in one memorable shot. To learn more about its history ask any one of the locals who spend their days relaxing under the nearby palm trees, they’ll be only too happy to tell you more.
  • Fishing. The region attracts sport fishermen; as here you will find world-class fishing and many different types of fish such as marlin (blue and white), sailfish (trophy size!), mahi-mahi (or dorado), barracudas, and many more. Review our tours section to find info about fishing tours.
  • Mangroves. Home of over 350 species of wildlife, but watch out for crocodiles!
  • Ruta de los Cenotes. It is a simple a paved road but a marvellous route. It extends nearly 20 kilometres into the jungle passing several cenotes where you can explore the vast underground network of caves and rivers that exist under the Yucatan Peninsular. The Mayans believed these Cenotes were access routes to the gods, and once you see one in person, you can understand why.